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November 9, 2018 | Author: Dhanish Truman | Category: Consciousness, Mind, Religious Experience, Meditation, Soul
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Directions Right now…allow your heart to soften and your mind to open. You are about to experience a spiritual awakening in your life! What is a spiritual awakening? It’s when you are constantly seeing, feeling and experiencing everything is truly Divine. You can only see God, everywhere you go. To begin this awesome adventure, read ONE of the following Awakening Thoughts each day for the next 101 days. Take action on whatever “exercise” the thought for the day describes. By making this a daily habit for 101 days you will build up substantial energy, focus, and consciousness that your spiritual awareness will become finely tuned and ripe enough to occur. As you read, keep your mind open! We can access this spiritual connection much easier and faster than with a closed, judgmental mind. However, the more doubt, disbelief, and resistance you can embrace, the greater the transformation into this awakening will be. To see quicker results, make a game of it and enjoy this divine creative exploration of your soul. This program contains the tools for massive inner transformation! You will soon find you’re you’re able to manifest everything you say you’re going to. You’ll see that the situation you are currently in right now is divine and sacred, and be able to truly enjoy this blessed magical mindbody you’ve been given. To experience a long term results with this program after the 101 days, don’t try to maintain or possess any spiritual experience when it occurs. Just thank it for coming, integrate it as best you can, and open to the next one on its way! Each experience already contains this potential spiritual energy and consciousness. So just relax into the one that is happening right now and you’ll experience the rest of your life is a grand spiritual journey! And lastly, embrace a childlike state of wonder and curiosity.  You’ll find it’s much easier to assimilate whatever experience you have, and know each experience is the right experience. There is a future orgasmic state of bliss awaiting you! Have fun and enjoy the next 3 months of your awakening! -1-

Directions Right now…allow your heart to soften and your mind to open. You are about to experience a spiritual awakening in your life! What is a spiritual awakening? It’s when you are constantly seeing, feeling and experiencing everything is truly Divine. You can only see God, everywhere you go. To begin this awesome adventure, read ONE of the following Awakening Thoughts each day for the next 101 days. Take action on whatever “exercise” the thought for the day describes. By making this a daily habit for 101 days you will build up substantial energy, focus, and consciousness that your spiritual awareness will become finely tuned and ripe enough to occur. As you read, keep your mind open! We can access this spiritual connection much easier and faster than with a closed, judgmental mind. However, the more doubt, disbelief, and resistance you can embrace, the greater the transformation into this awakening will be. To see quicker results, make a game of it and enjoy this divine creative exploration of your soul. This program contains the tools for massive inner transformation! You will soon find you’re you’re able to manifest everything you say you’re going to. You’ll see that the situation you are currently in right now is divine and sacred, and be able to truly enjoy this blessed magical mindbody you’ve been given. To experience a long term results with this program after the 101 days, don’t try to maintain or possess any spiritual experience when it occurs. Just thank it for coming, integrate it as best you can, and open to the next one on its way! Each experience already contains this potential spiritual energy and consciousness. So just relax into the one that is happening right now and you’ll experience the rest of your life is a grand spiritual journey! And lastly, embrace a childlike state of wonder and curiosity.  You’ll find it’s much easier to assimilate whatever experience you have, and know each experience is the right experience. There is a future orgasmic state of bliss awaiting you! Have fun and enjoy the next 3 months of your awakening! -1-

DAY 1  You can always choose inner peace at any moment of your life. The result is total fulfillment, joy and bliss on every level of  your being. It is your choice each moment what you choose to think about. Download this sign Click Here cut it out and put it on your bathroom mirror. mirror. Read it everyday for the next 3 months and imagine what it will be like to implement this message into every experience of your life! Your  homework for today is to practice receiving the feelings of what being at peace is like, no matter what occurs in your outer or inner world.


DAY 2 This moment is the only thing that is real. Everything else is a grand illusion created by your mind. This moment contains the only true existence. It is the only place you can find the Divine within you. The past and future are amazing delusions that take you away from the Divine and do not actually exist. They are continuously being fabricated and replicated by your mind. For  10 times today, stop the mind by surrendering to the present moment. An amazing spiritual experience will begin to unfold within you the longer you can remain present to the Now. Don't take my word for  it, check it out for yourself and see! Do this randomly today, and be aware of the entertaining thoughts your mind focuses upon. What your stories about your past and future, yet do not buy into it. For today, see how long you can actually remain in the present moment of Now.


DAY 3 Whoever you’ve decided you are, is still the tiniest fraction of who you really are. You are not defined by the shape of your body, the positive or negative attitude of your mind, nor  the large amount of money you make or the lack of it. You are much vaster than your  mind can fathom. You are spiritual energy which is unbounded, and infinite. This true you will never die. Watch the mind. It is a relentless thinking, striving, and demanding machine. It is always busy, always attempting to create a new “you”. The ironic thing is that with all this ‘busyness” there’s never  enough time to stop and experience the


infinite YOU! For today, stop creating new ideas of who you will be, or who you were and in its place, experience the essence of your  being. Explore what is at the very core of who you really are. For 25 minutes today, sit and meditate on the question, “Who am I?” Explore it with your heart, not with your head.


DAY 4 For today, forget about everything that you’re not, “could be” or “should be”. Remain fixed upon what is truly great inside you and write down what you appreciate about yourself, others and this world. Come up with at least 15 positive statements about you! Small or big does not matter, just write these messages down. Then sit and meditate on the things that you and other  people appreciate about you. Whatever you discover, revisit it again and again throughout the day. Choose the top 3 most emotionally moving appreciations on your  list, and keep them in the foremost part of  your mind all day today. Post your list on a wall where you can read it and add to it anytime in the future.


DAY 5 Inner peace is the gateway to freedom and is the foundation of every spiritual awakening. I invite you to sit alone for at least 35 minutes today, in a very quiet peaceful place and commit yourself to discovering a deep state of  peace inside. Start with the simple practice of  relaxing your body from head to toe. The more your body relaxes the more your mind will be at ease and the greater the inner peace will be. After you body is relaxed bring your mind to stillness by visualizing a large beautiful calm lake that is as smooth as glass. Let your mind merge with the water. However long it takes to reach this quiet stillness, keep sitting until your mind drowns into the complete stillness of the lake. Rest in your innermost being and enjoy the experience! When you get a good dose of stillness you will see you have full access to the highest Universal power and intelligence available in this Universe.


DAY 6 For today, explore the perfection of duality. Look for both the “darkness and light” within every person, thing, and experience. Write down all of your biggest judgments and negative beliefs you have about other people. Then write down the opposite (positive) aspect of each belief. Who would you be if you stopped  judging everyone (including yourself) and could only see the divine balance within them? What would your life be like if you only saw a divinely balanced perfect state in everyone and everything? Remember, the Universe is completely balanced, perfect and Divine. The negative programming from your mind makes our world seem like anything but that. For  today, explore how much you can truly see and FEEL this divine balance within yourself and everyone you meet. Do this with each person, and then acknowledge their (and your) perfection to them in some heartfelt authentic way.


DAY 7 Uncontrollable mental chatter is the cause all suffering in your life. The moment you stop the mind, for even a millisecond, a powerful peacefilled energy arises inside you. Try it and see! For today, be the observer of the sixty thousand thoughts that run through your mind. Become the ever-present witnessing observer  of your mind. Choosing to be vigilantly aware of this ever-present observer of your mind can make the typical tragic-dramatic day transform into a harmonic symphony of joy and love! For  one hour of your day watch the incessant chatter happening inside your mind. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just be in superobserver mode. If you get tangled up in all the thoughts, don’t try to stop them, change them or participate in them! Simply sit back behind your mind, relax and observe! You can find it extremely entertaining to simply watch, listen and have a good laugh!


DAY 8 Know that the most powerful energy in the entire Universe is inside you, right here and now. Know that there is nothing you can do to diminish, taint, or change this ever-present spiritual energy flowing through you. For 60 seconds right now, imagine you have the volume control on the “knowingness” that  YOU are this eternal spiritual energy. Turn up your knowingness as high as it will go!! What does that feel like to truly know that YOU are the most powerful indestructible eternal infinite energy in the entire Universe? Practice KNOWING this Divine Presence is you all day today. Initiate and integrate this knowingness while you work, eat, drive, play, and engage in conversation with others!


DAY 9 Feelings are what make life extremely rich and  juicy. They give your life dimension and create a more intimate and personal experience of reality. Feelings enable us to heal ourselves as well as accept the infinite mystery of life. For today, allow yourself to let down your protective shields with the world and explore how you really feel about yourself, others and the world today. Give yourself permission to feel everything and anything you can feel! Explore every type of  feeling you can summon into your body today. Confront the feelings you’ve been avoiding and breathe them into your body! Sit with them and simply FEEL THEM! Keep your mind and heart open to this rich rewarding egoless experience. This is your turn to be emotionally free! When you stop trying to manage and control your  emotions they will transform you from the inside out. Trust your feelings. Stop resisting them and dive into each one with an open heart full of  curiosity, wonder, and courage.

- 10 -

DAY 10 True power comes from that which is permanent. It is found by discovering that one thing that cannot change or be destroyed. Your  real power in life doesn’t come from money, prestige, material luxuries, or physical strength. These things can all be taken away from you.  Your assignment for today is to find that ONE thing which does not change or die. It is not far  away, in fact it’s closer to you than your next thought. By accessing your real power you are no longer a victim to issues from your past, or  trying to manage who you will become in the future. To find your real source of power look toward what is flowing through your bodymind right now! This subtle energetic fountain of  consciousness is it! Take 15 minutes today, wherever you are, to explore this infinite stream of consciousness. Get to know this flow of  conscious energy that is permanent and unchanging right now.

- 11 -

DAY 11 For today, keep redirecting your focus towards the most soft, gentle, loving, healing energy you can imagine. Perhaps it’s Mother Mary, a new puppy, a soft fuzzy blanket, or receiving a massage from a divine master. Whatever you focus on, let yourself  FEEL these positive healing vibrations all throughout your body! This gentleness will help you in more ways than you know. Allow healing energy to penetrate every cell in your body today. Imagine what your face looks like the moment you let in this healing energy. It is time to release any mental, emotional, or physical inner wounds you are holding onto today. This is your HEALING DAY! Wherever you go today, pretend that you are continuously merging with this loving energy and healing experience. Stay connected throughout the day by saying, “I am whole, healed and complete.” Focus on receiving the most nourishing, peaceful, and healing energy you can fathom.

- 12 -

DAY 12 Whatever suffering is occurring in your life, it’s simply there because you keep dwelling on it! Remember, your thoughts always manifest your experience of reality. So stop focusing on what’s wrong with you, and think ONLY about what is right with yourself, others and the world. Throughout today, practice letting go of  trying to figure out what’s wrong with your life, and think about what’s right with it. Formulate thoughts that are constructive rather than destructive. Think only about what inspires you, excites you, and makes you happy. Your  thoughts happen for you, not to you! Take 20 minutes to write down and release everything you think is “wrong” with your life. As you write it, feel it releasing from your system and proclaim that the opposite thought is now true! Spend your entire day focusing on what an amazing and magnificent life you have.

- 13 -

DAY 13 The mind is always busy focusing. It is stuck in an automatic and unconscious perpetual shift of  attention. It has been busy your whole life, and desperately needs a vacation! Your exercise for  today is to not focus on anything. Get a timer  and for 3 minutes have no focus at all. To prepare yourself for this feat its best that you sit down, lean against a wall, and relax every muscle in your body. Once your body is at ease, simply experience your own presence. If  your mind starts to dream, think and wander, reset the clock and start over! Do not push your  attention onto or off of anything. The mind cannot focus on ‘not focusing’, just be in a deep let-go and surrender to your own presence. Be completely present to the presence inside of  you. Surrender to the continuous experience of  your presence and the Universe will provide you with everything you've been searching for your  entire life. Once you stop focusing completely for 5 minutes, you will realize there is nothing in this Universe that you cannot achieve.

- 14 -

DAY 14 There is no more need to be stuck! The same old stagnant patterns of your mind are a delusion!  You are not stuck anywhere…wake up! You are a divine being of God. Make the commitment to ignore that old path of lacking money, love, empowerment and freedom. Don’t you already feel hopeless and pathetic enough? For today, practice saying YES to the experience of total freedom! Choose to feel free in your work, or lack of work. Choose to feel free in your amazing relationships or your lack of amazing relationships. Choose to feel free in your health or your lack of health. Commit yourself to FEELING FREE! You are free to feel, think, imagine and believe anything you want. Just claim it today, this is your freedom! You are free to say out loud right now, “I AM THE GODFORCE, POWERFUL AND FREE!”

- 15 -

DAY 15  You will live for eternity. Sure this body and mind will die someday, yet you will go on and on and on. Once you know in your heart that you have an infinite amount of time ahead of  you, you relax and step into an expansive timeless multi-dimensional spiritual experience. Every little occurrence becomes another opportunity for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Here’s your assignment. For  today, act as if you are living an ever-youthful energetic super-alive life that will go far  beyond 1000 years. Have conversations with people from this place, knowing you will live forever. Imagine the wisdom, relationships, and life experiences you will have during this time. Feel, experience, and know you live forever in an ideal anti-aging state of being.

- 16 -

DAY 16 The quality of our personal relationships represents how interconnected and whole we are within ourselves. Right now, take some time to recognize and acknowledge all the interactions, connections, relations, and relationships you’ve had in your past. This may seem like an impossible feat, yet just do the best memory recall you can. Go back to your  childhood, grade school, high school and so on. Take a good look at how you and your relationships have evolved over the years. Now for the fun part. Imagine you are 100 years old looking back on your  life to this day today. What would you have done differently in your relationships? What do you wish you would have expressed to them? What happened to your heart when you DID start doing and saying what you wanted to with them? Your  assignment today is to go and tell those people what you most need to say, and start doing those things you most want to do with them! This is your  chance to make a significant life change in their  heart and in yours. This exercise is HUGE, and will free up your energy more than you know.

- 17 -

DAY 17 Shine the light of consciousness into your  unconsciousness, and you will illuminate your  soul. Right now, there is a massive amount of  hidden, “unknown” buried material in our  unconsciousness. For 30 minutes today, bring your awareness into your unconsciousness. How do you do this? Sit in a dark room, close your  eyes, and relax deeply into your belly and body. Allow any thought to arise that may be hidden beneath the surface. When they do, the instant they enter your mind, imagine you’re shining a bright golden spotlight on them immediately! However this light is so powerful it incinerates the thought and they dissolve instantly, giving more space for you inside. During this exercise know that you are safe here, no matter what you experience. Even though you may see nothing, and feel nothing, stay present to the void. You may feel your entire body and mind have disappeared! Simply remain present and aware that consciousness is always here.

- 18 -

DAY 18 Take 20 minutes today and imagine the most exotic heavenly home of your dreams. Design it in your mind in great detail. Picture the layout of the land, the size of the home, the structure, interior, and decorations. Perhaps you have an outdoor  pool, sauna, and hot tub! This is your fantasy home so make it THE most exotic version you can fathom. Now, bring your dream home into your  heart. Actually visualize it there in your body.  You can keep it safe and sacred here, and return to it at anytime. Allow it to merge with the energy in your heart center and relax into it. Settle into your heart’s inner fantasy sanctuary! Rest and receive the awesome healing comforts it provides you. This space is extraordinary! An indescribable abundance and joy exists here, that will spread all throughout your life. Abide in your  fantasy sanctuary today. Carry it inside you wherever you go.

- 19 -

DAY 19 Life is best viewed as a grand creative project. This body, this mind, this moment of  your life is the greatest opportunity to experience being a designer within existence, so that you may discover the Divine presence you really are. The images you project onto the Universe always become your Reality. Whether they are powerful, warm, sunny and optimistic, or cold, dark, depressing and frustrating, you are the grand designer and this moment is a result of your creativity or  lack of it. For today, give yourself several hours to relax and express yourself fully through some creative venue. Pick up a pencil and paper, buy a slab of clay, write a experience from your life on your computer, or have an intimate revealing conversation with a total stranger or friend. Do something creative today that you enjoy and let yourself  disappear in the creation of it.

- 20 -

DAY 20 The Universe is your playground. You can be whom ever you choose. Who do you want to become, and what thoughts will take your life in that direction? Create in inner map for yourself, a guide that arrives at your ideal future state of  mind. Start by exploring what thoughts you like to think about. What does this person usually focus on? What are you like to be around for others? What are you like to be around? Randomly ask yourself 17 times today, “What am I thinking? Is this thought creating who I want to become?”

- 21 -

DAY 21 Look even deeper within. What is generating your thoughts? Who is this witness behind these thoughts occurring in my mind right now? Ask yourself right now if you are this whirlwind of thoughts, look beneath them and beyond them. Sit with this question for 10 minutes today, “Where are my thoughts coming from?” The infinite universe, pure consciousness and change are the only three constant things in your life. Meditate on them for  5-10 minutes today. Once you can embrace them intellectually and emotionally you'll instantly improve everything in your life!

- 22 -

DAY 22 To be fully awakened is to be present to this eternal celebration of each moment. It is a completely effortless task, yet even "effortless" is too much a word to truly discover it. Go about your day even more freely, lightly and effortlessly than you ever have in your entire life! Make it the #1 commitment throughout today!!

- 23 -

DAY 23 Who you think you are is just a concept, and is not even close to the amazing multi-dimensional being that you really are. Looking in a mirror for 5 minutes today, star into the black holes in your  eyes. Let yourself disappear in the emptiness. Stay for 30 seconds in one state of mind. Keep breathing and noticing who is the “creative witnesser” behind your eyes. Observe what conscious spiritual energy is present.

- 24 -

DAY 24 Enlightenment comes from consciously knowing that all your experiences contain a core experience. For 3 minutes today, search for the central-core of your  experience. Watch this eternal everpresent awakeness and let it move down your body and grow more deeply and profoundly in your heart and belly than ever before. Let this self-realization deepen into the center of your begin. This core is where we evolve our consciousness.

- 25 -

DAY 25 There are no accidents or coincidence in this world. Nothing is by chance. It is all a reflection, indication, expression and manifestation of your bodymind’s vibration. Your vibration is determined by the thoughts and feelings you choose to experience which are also being sent out into the Universe. Your  bodymind is like a massive radio tower that emits a personal “signature” energy which is constantly being received by the Universe. Positive feelings/thoughts create easy, healing, and satisfying experiences, while negative thoughts/feelings attract situations that leave us with a dark, lonely and impoverished experience. For today, hold your  attention on the most powerful vibration there is… LOVE! Start by tuning your radio tower so it’s working at 100% by practicing Self-love. Love yourself no matter what happens today! This commitment releases all negative possible “accidents” from entering your vibrational field.  You’ll win every battle with pain, poverty, and failure. Imagine what it will be like to be Self-Loving and SelfAccepting for the next 72 hours!

- 26 -

DAY 26 Stop thinking, planning and pretending! It is too much effort to always be doing. Just stop randomly throughout the day today and go directly to the Source of who you really are.

- 27 -

DAY 27  You know you're an awakening being when in the midst of chaos and suffering you are completely at ease. To arrive, focus on a vast space of nothingness, in complete silence, somewhere way out in the Universe. Imagine you are there now! This spacious space is always available inside you. I invite you to dive into this spacious silent place for 4 minutes today.

- 28 -

DAY 28 It is your choice when you let go, not if  you can. Making the decision to let go of  your problem is 90% of the battle. Making a choice means releasing the past and move forward with Life. Letting go is a natural part of life. It is the initiating key in the Enlightenment process. It starts when you stop judging yourself and your  life and begin to be merge with the experience of the whole thing! Make that decision today to let go of ANY indecisiveness and move forward with confidence that you can choose to take a baby step today towards letting go of your   judgment on your life and enjoying the experience more often.

- 29 -

DAY 29 The experience of bliss is happening to someone...somewhere...right now, this very moment on this planet. Meditate, focus and tune into those beings who are already there. Imagine what they are doing, how they are being in the world today. Let their experiences of bliss seep into your mind and your life. Write in your  manifesting journal descriptive sensations and experiences.

- 30 -

DAY 30 The essence of eternal life is flowing within you now. Look! Where does it come from? If you dive just a bit deeper today you'll be presented with something extraordinary. An essence that contains an infinity of magical possibilities. This is who you really are.

- 31 -

DAY 31 Dive all the way in! Explore going down to the bottom of your deepest darkest trench and muck inside. There will you discover that which will lead you deeper, to your core. Just for 5 minutes today, hang out with your dark stuff. Get to know it is vibration. Being with the contracted parts of yourself assists you in knowing what it is you are to transcend.

- 32 -

DAY 32 For 6 minutes explore this statement: “The Truth of Who I Am Is…” Just pointing in this direction will spontaneously and magically allow you to awaken your highest level of being. You can easily transcend and ascend past old illusions when you are centered in the truth of who you are. All your  unconscious hypnotic "doing and thinking" patterns will disappear when you are present to this Truth. What do you feel like you need to do today to discover more about the truth of who you really are? Knowing who we really are gives us permission to forget who we think we are.

- 33 -

DAY 33 This Universe is abundant and overflowing with positive energy. Just stop whatever you're doing and notice this. The moment you pay attention to this abundance you resisting it from coming in. Take 7 minutes and meditate on ALL the abundance in the Universe right now. Let your mind get out of the way, and explore what it feels like to think expansively. Know that everything you can imagine, you can experience.

- 34 -

DAY 34 Through inner peace, outer power is generated. With inner freedom, boundless love is created. Meditate on pure consciousness, feel the inner peace and the outer power. You will discover  your divinity.

- 35 -

DAY 35 The goal of the spiritual path is to become fully consciousness. This means to explore the unconscious and practice being the creator of Reality. Make an action plan today for the month!

- 36 -

DAY 36 What area of your life do you most need to practice creating a new reality? What is that one MASSIVE action today towards being this new person WHO will make your future more relaxed and at ease? Do that one thing that will put your mind at ease right now…

- 37 -

DAY 37 If we look beyond our physical existence, we'll soon discover the more subtle realms. It is here we experience an infinite quality of our soul. Taking a single glimpse into the beyond will reveal everything you need to know. Let something higher to enter you. For 5 seconds at least 20 times randomly today, allow yourself to feel the subtle energy inside your physical body. Tune into that emotional and super subtle energy you feel vibrating within your being. Get curious about what it is like, and where its coming from.

- 38 -

DAY 38 Take a step out of your ordinary daily routine and jump into this extraordinary moment. Now is where you are consciousness. So relax! Be no where special. Being no-where is the subtlest shift to being now-here. Relax into your  ordinariness, and your extraordinariness today.

- 39 -

DAY 39 This moment is your one chance to embrace your divine Existence. Nothing is holding you back, nothing but your  skeptical mind...let that go! The burdens you carry do not exist, they are all in the illusions of the mind. For the next 7 minutes, breathe slowly and deeply and release all the heaviest illusions that weigh you down everyday!

- 40 -

DAY 40 The basic struggle of your life in its essential nature is divine. Respect the struggle and it will relax. Then you will see the real beauty of your being. Notice today what it is that you are continuously struggling against.

- 41 -

DAY 41 Take 3 minutes and let go of any agenda you have that is causing ANY sort of  internal battle. No matter how “important” it seems, explore what it FEELS like for a few moments to be free from it! Releasing is an absolutely effortless process. There is no efforting in letting go, just set the intention to release the struggle, and let the Universe handle the details.

- 42 -

DAY 42 What do you need to believe to totally relax? What will it take until all of your  internal dialog stops and the suffering is released? Your bodymind will naturally find this relaxation when you are giving 100% of yourself to THIS experience of  your Life (right here and now) again.

- 43 -

DAY 43 Imagine all around you are divine beings of light. They are surrounding you with love, empowering thoughts, and absolute prosperity in every form. Take 3 minutes to breathe and feel these powerful beings bathing you in this great divine light.

- 44 -

DAY 44 Everyone is a divine being. We are all completely perfect, whole and at peace at the core. Just don't think you are, know you are. At our core we have more power  to experience bliss anywhere and transcend any suffering that may occur. Be the divinity of pure being.

- 45 -

DAY 45 The inner path is the only way to discover  total freedom. Take it everywhere you go and make a commitment to finding inner  peace on it!!

- 46 -

DAY 46 Why is there suffering in the world? Because our EGO (a confined identity) gets in the way of this divine flowing Source of knowledge and inspiration, causing us to react unconsciously to life's natural intelligent and conscious loving flow.

- 47 -

DAY 47 No matter how small we feel, we can always find the dream to manifest the power. Dream big today! Let yourself  explore new dimensions in your  imagination. Make an image of what you want and hold it…all day long!

- 48 -

DAY 48 How to cure all stress, disease and suffering? Stop everything. Sit down. Tell your body to relax. Imagine it is loose, limp wet noodle. Now focus on the consciousness that supports it. Don't try,  just do it, one moment at a time. Soon you'll notice a deeper, more peaceful feeling begin to happen in your body. Practice this everyday and let it grow. One day you'll notice, you are healed.

- 49 -

DAY 49 Laugh more than you have in years today. Then sing something that will lighten you up! Relax and enjoy your life. You'd make all our lives better if you did. =)

- 50 -

DAY 50 Look at something, as if it were for the very first time. This will help you remember the purpose of life. Stare into a flower or at a big tree, open your eyes and your being to experience something in nature. Stare for a long enough time until you let it fully merge into you.

- 51 -

DAY 51 Deep inside your being is an awake-ness. It is always present, always listening, always watching, and always AWARE. It is experiencing each day through your body and mind...let it!

- 52 -

DAY 52 The moment you are truly present to your  life and deeply relaxed in it, you become magical. You become re-connected to the entire Universe in such a way that you cannot help but to experience each moment as the infinite being you really are.

- 53 -

DAY 53  You are here to share love and be loved. Love is the cause of joy in your life, and fear is the cause of all suffering. And each moment is your choice as to what you wish to experience. Check it out.

- 54 -

DAY 54 Tapping into the infinite source is not easy, it is effortless. Just be still, and go within. Stay there and explore the deepest silence you can imagine. Observe the mind. Listen to the thoughts. Soon you will glimpse The Reality. And in one instant, you will understand the most powerful realization of all... who you truly are. After one moment of this you will see, you have the power to manifest everything you think.

- 55 -

DAY 55 The World Is Your Mirror. Your response and relation to every being on this planet reflects your inner consciousness. This "mirror" is always present, always reflecting what you most need to know. Allowing you to observe, learn and grow on your soul's path to angelic development.

- 56 -

DAY 56 The Universe has a plan for you. It is divine. It is magnificent. It is your soul's plan as well. Would you like to know it? It will be fully revealed to you the moment you let go of everything in your life... and experience your true Self in each moment as unbounded and infinite.

- 57 -

DAY 57 All the great enlightened beings of this world became that way because they deeply understood one basic thing…their  eternal connection to a divine Source is and who they really are. Take a few minutes to give yourself permission to understand this for yourself. You are an Enlightening Being, waiting to realize it today!

- 58 -

DAY 58 Certain negative events will always happen to you to cause you to take a glimpse at a bigger Reality. If you can look at them with eyes wide open, you'll always notice one thing. You actually created these challenging and frightening events to give you an experience of  coming home.

- 59 -

DAY 59 Everyday human suffering has become "normal". This is caused by one basic thing. Unconscious thought patterns and habits.

- 60 -

DAY 60 Where in your life are you an unconscious "doing" machine? If so, then where are you a conscious being?

- 61 -

DAY 61 Quantum physicists have now proven that the Universe is a holographic field of  energy, matter and consciousness, with your mind/body as a Universal hologram containing the entire field. At last they've proven that the whole is contained within its parts. It may be good to know this, or  even better to remember this. Because someday you may want to sit down and explore this amazing Universe out there.

- 62 -

DAY 62 The conscious energy source flows into each new moment so quickly that you cannot catch it or escape from it. You are it. And it is showing you that you are an amazing being who is connected to everything in the most extraordinary ways.

- 63 -

DAY 63 Begin your journey today by breathing consciously. With each inhale and exhale feel the life living inside you. Breathe and feel the air moving in and out, continuously! Notice that it does not stop! Breathe consciously for a few minutes, or until you feel something open and expand inside you. Notice what is your experience of life?

- 64 -

DAY 64 This moment contains the very experience you have been searching your for your  whole life. So what are you waiting for? Do not hold back today no matter what! Go for it!! Let go of hesitation and procrastination, and you have just opened up your vibration to receiving unlimited possibilities.

- 65 -

DAY 65 When one person lives everyday from what their true infinite potential is, an amazing shift will happen for everyone. A contagious reaction of a new consciousness will occur and our whole planet will wake up! Everyone will experience themselves as this Infinite Source. Believe it or not, the one person to start this chain reaction is you!

- 66 -

DAY 66 If you are ever feeling stuck in life, wanting to find The Way, remember this... the mere intention of being still and silent has enough power in it to generate a complete awakening in your life regardless of how deeply stuck you feel or  think you are.

- 67 -

DAY 67 We must always begin Life in the here and now. This moment is truly inescapable. Every time you try to escape from the Now...you suffer. And are immediately tossed back into it with the feeling that you had some significant (or insignificant) experience of a past or future event. You call that fun? Me neither. Always remember...be here now, because you are. Stop believing in who you think you are and just take 1 hour today to do nothing. Just relax into your body, and be with whatever energy arises during this time. See what all is happening inside you today! Relax and rest. Give yourself  permission to do absolutely nothing. Very soon you will discover something truly amazing….the awesome divine being who you really are.

- 68 -

DAY 68 Take 45 minutes today to rest deeply inside yourself, to the very core of your  own presence. Remain here as long as possible and let it rejuvenate every cell in your bodymind. It is from this space that you will understand how you are the center of all creation, and exactly how to manifest everything you want!

- 69 -

DAY 69 Believe that to heal yourself is easy. You have powers inside you that are beyond amazing! Your soul is so powerful that any old trauma, dis-ease, or negative experience can be instantly transformed. Choose today to be the most powerful healing experience of your life. Let your  mind go wild, into the unknown with this possibility. The moment it does, you will feel and know in your heart your true spiritual nature is already complete and whole.

- 70 -

DAY 70 Stop fighting with everyone and everything in your life today. Be totally relaxed and completely aware, that there is a current of energy taking you down the river of this great existence. The body naturally knows how to find inner peace when you surrender, and stop fighting THIS moment of your existence.

- 71 -

DAY 71  Yes, you are awake. Each moment there is an awake-aware energy here now. Know that this cannot change. Rest deeply in this knowingness. It will create a transformation in your being. It is exactly what you will need today for  transcending your very next unconscious momentary lapse of mental jargon.

- 72 -

DAY 72 This moment contains Everything, surrender to it and guess what? You'll actually get the whole Universe with it! There is an extraordinary depth to any seemingly ordinary life.

- 73 -

DAY 73 Do the opposite of what didn't work before, and believe in the power of  silence. The more you can relax and just be, the more abundance of life's rich experiences you will receive.

- 74 -

DAY 74 Stop whatever you are doing today and look inside yourself. Follow the thoughts into this moment of who is experiencing this stillness right now.

- 75 -

DAY 75  You are always having an experience, just be present to the one that's happening NOW. If you're demanding to have an experience, you're squeezing out this one and actually missing it. The moment you stop trying to make something BIG happen, it happens to you.

- 76 -

DAY 76 Stay present to consciousness, thinking all the time is not being conscious if you can fathom that. Just take time to just be present to your body, to your breath, to your life. Your body is your home, not your head. So keep dropping down (out of  your head) and into your heart. Do not participate in the drama of the mind!

- 77 -

DAY 77 Remain present to whatever is inside. Is there something feeding on your energy or eating at you from the inside? The problem will shift when you do. What all has happened in your life from beginning until now? Whatever it is that you absolutely do not want to feel, feel it! The moment you do, it will move and change form. Remember, E-motion stands for  energy in motion.

- 78 -

DAY 78 Surrender is the Key today. The moment you surrender to this internal battle and be submerged in the actual experience of  it, it disappears! If you are having trouble surrendering, let your greatest fear arise in you. Face it directly and let go of  anything you’re attached to.

- 79 -

DAY 79 The mind cannot keep up with consciousness. It is too fast for the mind. The mind is always getting caught in the past and future. When you are totally in the moment, there is no mind. You're sitting and being silent, being open to everything and resisting nothing. Realize that it is coming from either a fear of loss, or a fear of separation from the Source. the meditative mind happens once the feeling of whatever you want to change is fully experienced and dissolved.

- 80 -

DAY 80 Enlightenment occurs in the instants when everything in your mind is completely at ease. Completely stop all worries and concerns. Cancel all negative thoughts the moment they arise. Just let you be you and notice your pure untainted consciousness. Be present to river of  moments in existence in this eternally flowing, yet infinite silent still Universe.

- 81 -

DAY 81 Depending on how long you've been ignoring certain issues in your life or  running away from certain thoughts, the longer it may take to actually relax, train and quiet the mind. Yet the very moment you let go of your life, and are infinitely patient and accepting of yourself the way you are, a completely over-flowing abundance of relaxation and energy will rise into you and through the world around you

- 82 -

DAY 82 Just for today, practice accepting EVERYTHING about yourself. Accept what you like and don't like inside you. Just feel what it is like to stop fighting yourself and accept whatever you see and feel represents you! Remember whatever  you have trouble accepting, is here to awaken you even more to your own brilliance. Everything happens for a divine purpose and is meant to push you towards a more Enlightened state of  being.

- 83 -

DAY 83 If you encounter a serious negative emotional pull that is totally overwhelming, stop buying into its dramatic story and step out of the game. Become aware! Pure awareness always burns through the mind's illusions...in an instant.

- 84 -

DAY 84 Acceptance will make you more relaxed and at ease. If self-acceptance comes in a trickle or a downpour, then that are right for you. Acceptance is the key to releasing all suffering and issues of  avoidance or attachment.

- 85 -

DAY 85 When meditating, if you experience an increasing feeling of lightness, go with it, weave it into your body and ground it into your chakras. It is best to stay centered and integrate your experiences than to get lost in the thoughts they produce.

The greatest meditators blend heaven and earth at all times, with a deep knowingness that they are this connected Infinite Source of goodness. Meditate today for  30-60 minutes, staying on the thought, Everything Is Exactly As It Should Be. After you are done, soak in this feeling, idea and experience through the rest of  your day.

- 86 -

DAY 86 Do not let the mind get attached to what meditating should feel like, look like or be like. Let go of all "shoulds" and simply be here now. This day is as it should be, just as your thoughts and feelings are as they should be right now. However the more you can accept what's happening to you right now, the better your experience of  this moment will be.

- 87 -

DAY 87 Whenever you find yourself in a slow, tired, or lull state of energy, imagine a bright golden light is coming from every vertebrae in your spine. It is sending light out in every direction. It blasts straight up into the sky, into the Earth below you, and in all 4 directions totally surrounding you. Visualize this golden light as the Source of Love! Let yourself feel, believe and know, “I am the Source of Love!”

- 88 -

DAY 88 When you're ready to take on a new challenge, you are ready for self-inquiry. Start by meditating on the question, "Who am I?" Conscious introspection can lead to enlightenment. So dive into yourself! Ask yourself questions all day long like, "Who is watching now?" "Who is hearing this?" "Who is experiencing this body". Notice what thoughts your mind creates as an answer to this question.

- 89 -

DAY 89 Turn to what you cannot, and sit with what is. Noticing what you demand from life and yourself is practicing the feeling of  being needy. Relax enjoy the present moment, be with what is.

- 90 -

DAY 90 If you choose to watch your breath (which I highly recommend), don't try to change it, just witness it coming in and leaving the body. Notice you cannot hold onto it or stop it, it just moves by itself. Stay with this flow. Keep your attention and awareness on your breath for as long as you can. Release thoughts as they arise.

- 91 -

DAY 91 Patience and courage are key elements to meditating and are also a by-product of  meditation. If you can't stay focused for  more than 5 seconds, its O.K., breathe!  You'll be practicing compassion by letting go.

- 92 -

DAY 92 Practice extreme gentleness with yourself. Being extremely gentle with every selfdoubt, fear, or disbelief in yourself is the greatest energetic way of saying you love and forgive yourself.

- 93 -

DAY 93 Sitting quietly with the simple presence of  "who is here now" is like letting the flower  bloom without forcing the petals to open.

- 94 -

DAY 94 Let the Universe be exactly as it is. By allowing everything (including your life) to be O.K. as it is, you stop chasing the mind and it is desires. Letting is allowing, which is to be in this place of alert, playful witnessing consciousness of Enlightened being.

- 95 -

DAY 95 Sit for an hour and simply practice, LETTING EVERYTHING BE AS IT IS.

- 96 -

DAY 96 This playful witnessing consciousness only happens when the mind is not there. When there is No-Mind. However, the mind is in your way to such a degree that you may need a technique to help you open fully to the here and now.

- 97 -

DAY 97 For 7-10 minutes, sit and relax as you gently focus on a candle flame about 6-12 inches from your nose. Notice how the mind tends to wander. Relax into the flame…become the light and fire! Let your mind and energy move into it. When you feel a warmth begin to grow inside you, close your eyes and bring the flame into your heart. See it radiating light to everyone and everything in your life.

- 98 -

DAY 98  Your mind will most likely get crazier the more you meditate. This is an illusion.  You are simply becoming more aware of  the chaos that is already present in it. If  you cannot stand the amount of mindchatter, take a few minutes before you sit to relax your body. Start by imagining a warm relaxing light going into your toes and then moving all the way up your body.

- 99 -

DAY 99 Really relax today. Breathe in the affirmation, "I am safe, I am loved...all is well in my world. Let these words sink deep into your body. Stay alert yet in the flow. Allow any calming energy to grow and spread throughout your body. The easiness of being absorbs each thought that arises in the mind.

- 100 -

DAY 100 Sitting quietly and peacefully paves a direct path to the greatest awakening. It is this extremely simple and effortless task that attains such miraculous results.

- 101 -

DAY 101 All day today, practice holding your focus on what you want. Remain fixed on the “ideal” of it for at least 60 seconds In a row! See if you can actually do this!! The ability to maintain your focus on ONE thing is what makes you a shepherd instead of one of the sheep. The world offers itself for you to enjoy freely when you are able to control your mind. You can create anything you set and hold your  mind steadfast upon. Remember to breathe, and gently ask your mind to relax and be still.

- 102 -

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